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We’re thrilled to announce the successful completion of our recent workshop on Infection Control and Antimicrobial Stewardship, in collaboration with CAHO- Consortium of Accredited Health care Organisation

Special appreciation to our esteemed speakers and Panelists, Dr. Parivalavan Rajavelu, Dr. Malathi, Dr. Nandakumar, and Dr. Prasanna Narayanan Raju, for sharing their expertise and knowledge with us.

With over 60 participants, we explored vital topics including IPC & AMSP programme, infection control audit tools, rational prescription practices, and practical solutions for antibiotic selection and usage challenges.

Let’s continue to apply these learnings in our healthcare practices, striving for excellence and ensuring the best possible care for our patients.

Stay tuned for future events and opportunities to collaborate. together, we’re shaping the future of healthcare!


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We are delighted to share that Dr. Francis Roy has been honored with a distinguished award from Hon. State Secretary Dr. S. Karthik Prabhu at IMA Tirunelveli, as part of the Pongal day celebrations.

The award recognizes Dr. Francis Roy’s @francisroy2928 exemplary contribution to sports promotion and the advocacy of a healthy lifestyle.

A well-deserved accolade for a commitment to excellence.


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Delighted to share that Dr. Madhuben Rajarathinam has been selected as an Executive Member of the Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction (ISAR).

This prestigious post reflects her outstanding expertise and unwavering commitment in advancing the field of assisted reproduction.
Congratulations, Dr. Madhuben Rajarathinam, on this well-deserved achievement!


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Celebrating 46 Years of Excellence: Annai Velankanni Multispeciality Hospital Reflects on Achievements during Second Founders Day!

Annai Velankanni Multispeciality Hospital recently marked its second Founders Day with a spectacular celebration held at Annai farm, Krishnapuram. The event, attended by 360+ enthusiastic participants, showcased the organization’s journey of accomplishments and set the stage for an even more promising future.

The past year has seen AVH achieve noteworthy milestones, including Treated more then 1.5L Patients. These successes have not only solidified the organization’s position in Healthcare but also contributed positively to the community it serves.

The celebrations featured esteemed guests, Chief guest Mr. Venkata phanidhar Nelluri, group CEO, Medway hospitals, Felicitations Dr. Shivaramakrishnan, Retired Teacher, st Xavier college, Dr. Kanakambal, Director of institute of pharmacology Madurai medical college (Retd, professor at TVMC. Academic session Dr. Viju Rajan Director Medium consulting. who added a touch of prestige to the event. Attendees were treated to captivating performances by Dance, singing, creating a vibrant atmosphere of joy and camaraderie.

The second Founders Day was not just a celebration within the organization; it extended its warmth to the community. Annai Velankanni Multispeciality Hospital actively engaged with Patients, general public showcasing its dedication to making a positive impact beyond its walls.

In their address, the Directors expressed gratitude to the dedicated team, partners, and supporters who have played a pivotal role in Annai Velankanni Multispeciality Hospital’s growth. Their vision for the future resonated with optimism, inspiring a sense of unity and purpose among the attendees.

Introduced privilege card for our patients, its more then just a card, it signifies our unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding healthcare experience and exclusive benefits. Mrs. Chirsty who born at AVH in 1980. she received the 1st Privilege card during this event. Our commitment is to provide you with unparalleled medical care, and this privilege card serves as a symbol of the special bond we share with our esteemed patients.
Launched our exclusive News letter – Our hands poster by Dr. Joseph .S. Fidelis and Dr Seetha, who is chief newsletter editorial for our newsletter.

As the festivities concluded, Annai Velankanni Multispeciality Hospital looks forward to the future with renewed vigor. The second Founders Day celebration not only served as a moment of reflection but also as a catalyst for continued innovation, collaboration, and community engagement.
The second Founders Day celebration was a resounding success, embodying the spirit of AVH and its commitment to excellence. The organization extends gratitude to everyone who contributed to this milestone and invites the community to share in the anticipation of what lies ahead.

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December 27, 2023 avhNews0

Caring Through Challenges: Rain and Flood Relief!

We united to host a Rain and Flood Affected Mega Special Medical Check-up Camp in Lorthammal Puram, Tuticorin, in partnership with the Health and Family Welfare Department, Tamil Nadu. In the aftermath of the recent flood, we came together to provide a comprehensive health check-up camp and distributed essential medications to those affected.

Your well-being is our top priority, and we’re here to support you during these challenging times. Together, let’s rebuild, recover, and stand strong as a community.

Your health is our commitment, and we’re here for you every step of the way.



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This festive season, the halls of Annai Velankanni Multispeciality Hospital echoed with laughter, warmth, and the spirit of Christmas! Our incredible team of doctors, nurses, staff, and, most importantly, our resilient patients came together to create magical moments of joy and hope. from festive decorations to plum cake sharing our hospital transformed into a haven of festive cheer. spreading smiles and delivering small tokens of joy to our amazing patients and dedicated staff.

we’re not just a hospital; we’re a family sharing love and compassion.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas filled with love, good health, and moments of pure happiness!

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