This specialty deals with disfigurement of the facial symmetry by birth or by injury. Most of our Road traffic accidents are associated with facial injuries especially motor bike accidents. Facial disfigurement can also occur due to deformities from birth like cleft lip, cleft palate, micrognathia and as a complex of some syndrome.
As these injuries involve many organs like brain, eye, nose, bones and nerves. It needs a multi disciplinary team for effective management. At Annai Velankanni we have a team of oral maxillary surgeons, Orthopedic surgeons, Neuro surgeons and Facio-Maxillary surgeons who use modern diagnostic techniques and advance fixation methods to get the face back in shape.
Our team of plastic &orthopaedic surgeons are well versed with industrial and fall from height with hand injuries and lower limb injuries. The team handles crush injuries of the hand, tendon injuries of the hand, re-implant of fingers. They are also well equipped for limb reconstruction with flap cover and soft tissue reconstruction.
Our dental team is also well vested with reconstruction of tooth, mal alignment of upper & lower jaws. Advanced surgical realignment of upper & lower jaw can be done for pragmatism and malalignment mandible.

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