Palliative Care

Palliative care is given to patients with incurable terminal disease. It would need a team of trained doctors and caregivers who can diagnose the complications of the terminal illness and prevent it from making their quality of life worse. As it is not certain to predict life expectancy, certain clinical criteria are in place for common terminally ill diagnoses. Doctors use these guidelines to assess when someone is in need of palliative care.
We at AV Hospitals have a team of doctors and caregivers who are trained to assess and detect early signs of clinical deterioration of disease progression. This prompt, early diagnosis, and treatment of complications prevent the suffering of already suffering terminally ill patients.
Our team would help your dear one and your family to have a dignified life till their end with properly required specialty care with reduction of pain due to complicated diseases. We give a wholesome, complete, affordable package with nursing, physiotherapy, mobility assistance, and psychosocial and spiritual support.
Bring your family’s distress to the US; Our family will take care of your family as OURS.

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