AVH critical care unit, Critical care in India is at its crossroads of development and it requires highly dedicated team of doctors, critical care nurses, technicians and respiratory therapists. AVH is on the forefront of bringing advanced critical care services to Tirunelveli and its surrounding districts.
Our ICU caters aggressive treatment, monitoring and stabilization of diverse emergencies, aim and strive significantly to reduce the mortality especially in patients with Heart Attack,Stroke, Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) arising out of diverse etiologies and poisonings.
Our Teams are categorized into the following teams that does not alone cater the ICU but also combine in serving and assisting other departments also.
Intensive Care Units: Patients in intensive care are often very sick and require very close monitoring, with one nurse per patient.
High Dependency Units: Patients in High Dependency Units (HDU) are often not as sick as those in ICU but still need close monitoring, and are not fit to be transferred to General Ward. Patients are admitted from the ward are ‘stepped down’ from ICU to HDU where they continue their recovery and often stay for a period of time before being discharged home.
Our patients are admitted in ICU/HDU from the Emergency Department, Operation Theatres, Wards or other Departments in the Hospital and sometimes from other Hospitals.
Critical Care Outreach: (MET TEAM)The critical care outreach team is within the critical care team. They provide early, skilled assistance to staff on wards caring for patients who deteriorate, assisting to prevent further deterioration and when appropriate, arrange to shift to the intensive care units. To assist in continuity of patient care, the outreach teams also review all discharges from the units to wards. Also, these teams are skilled in transporting very sick patients to higher centers for tertiary treatments such as ECMO.
Post Intensive Care Service: All ICU patients who are at risk of Post Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS) will be advised to have an appointment with the post-critical care follow-up clinic, 2-3 months after they are discharged from hospital.

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