Blood Bank

All the above equipment have automatic temperature monitors and digital read out systems as well as automatic alarms, with continuous temperature surveillance, which ensure the safety of the Blood and components issued from the Blood Bank.

Services Provided:

  • Round-the-clock transfusion services.
  • Facilities for the issue of whole blood, packed red cells, fresh frozen plasma, platelet concentrates, and cryoprecipitate.
Pediatric /Divided blood units.
  • Direct and Indirect Coombs test (Antiglobulin test).
  • Kleihauer Betke‚Äôs test for the detection of fetomaternal hemorrhage in Rh incompatibility.

Services :

  • Whole Human Blood I.P.
  • Fresh Frozen Plasma B.P.93.
  • Immuno Histo Chemistry.
  • CRYO Precipitate U.S.P.
  • Concentrated Human R.B.C I.P.
  • Immuno Histo Chemistry.
  • Platelet Concentrate U.S.P.

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